One Nation Playing Cards

As part of our corporate responsibility, we support a coalition of organizations and leaders devoted to educating the public about nonpartisan civic engagement, the healthy self-governance movement, and the benefit of cooperation as a means to a brighter future. As Matthew McConaughey recently said, "We are not as divided as we're told we are."

For example, the Bridge Alliance is a coalition of over 100 organizations and leaders who are working to revitalize America. Statehood Playing Cards is committed to donating 25% of the proceeds to not-for-profit organizations like the Bridge Alliance Education Fund (BAEF).

There are many organizations working to improve civil discourse in America. If this is a cause that interests you, consider supporting BAEF.

Statehood Playing Cards are more than a standard deck of cards. With our patent pending deck you can play your favorite contemporary cards games, teach students about the U.S. States, Territories, and the electoral process, or try out our original card games WHITEHOUSE and STATEHOOD. We created this deck with a mission to educate, advocate, and donate for causes promoting more civil discourse.