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We support the efforts of the Columbia Statehood Commission that was created in 2014 to coordinate DC's statehood initiatives. We agree with Commission, the DC Council, and growing congressional delegation that statehood is the only practical way that District of Columbia (Washington DC) citizens can participate in a fully democratic government as part of the United States. To learn more about DC statehood go here.

The United States is the champion of democracy around the world, taking pride in patriotic claims to equality and justice. Yet, for more than 200 years, the residents of Washington, DC have been subjected to systemic inequality and denied the full rights of citizenship that the residents of the 50 states enjoy including voting representation in Congress. It is time to right a great historic wrong.

There are many compelling reasons why DC is deserving of statehood. Below is a short list of just a few:

  • The District of Columbia is the only political and geographical entity within the United States of America whose citizens bear the responsibilities of citizenship, including taxation and Selective Service registration, without sharing in the full rights and privileges of citizenship.
  • DC residents want statehood and in 2016 overwhelmingly (86%) voted for a referendum in favor to make Washington, DC the 51st state.
  • DC has a population larger than that of both Vermont and Wyoming, but under the CARES Act, the District was denied $755 million in emergency funds, which is the amount provided to the least populous state through the Coronavirus Relief Fund.
  • DC residents pay the highest per-capita federal income taxes in the US. In total, DC residents pay more in total federal income tax than residents of 22 other states, but have no say over how those tax dollars are spent and no votes in Congress.
  • Since World War I, DC has sent nearly 200,000 brave men and women to defend and fight for democracy abroad, and tragically 2,000 of those patriots never made it home.

Upon It is far past the time to end the practice of treating the residents of Washington DC as second-class citizens. If you agree then contact your congressperson and follow the movement at

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