Statehood Playing Cards

Capitol: Juneau
Congressional Seats: (1)
Electoral Votes: (3)
Statehood:  01/03/1959
Population: 733,391
Fed Taxes:  $5,395,473
Total Area:  665,384 mi2
Ranking  (DC) | (PR)
Statehood:  00   (-------)|(-------)
Population: 49   (01)|(18)
Fed Taxes:  49   (19)|(03)
Total Area:  01   (55)|(48)
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Statehood Playing Cards are more than a standard deck of cards. With our patent pending deck you can play your favorite contemporary cards games, teach students about the U.S. States, Territories, and the electoral process, or try out our original card games WHITEHOUSE and STATEHOOD. We created this deck with a mission to educate, advocate, and donate for causes promoting more civil discourse.